Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?


Design Thinking was the start of a movement to push innovation departments and product development into user-centric innovation. The powerful method was created in the 90’s and enables everyone to create products that matter to the customer. Starting with customer pain points the method works out the customers’ real needs and then provides diverse ideation methods to design innovation. At the end of the design thinking process result either new products or services or improved portfolio products. Design Thinking is able to create disruptive innovations with low budget in a short period of time whilst including all stakeholders.

In the last two decades similar methods evolved with different names, such as lean innovation, user experience, UX or customer experience. The baseline of all these methods is a strong focus on real users / customers’ needs, iterating ideas through early testing and a set of ideation methods. Our solution matches all kinds of user-centric innovation methods.

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If you would like to learn more about Design Thinking, check out this TED talk from David Kelley, who is undoubtedly one of the method’s pioneers: David Kelley – How to build your creative confidence.

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