Organizational Benefits

  • 30% less teaching costs to implement a good level of design thinking
  • 50% more innovative power as employees can focus more on their main tasks
  • 20% efficiency gains through reducing redundant projects

Individual User Benefits

  • Time-saving intelligent recommendations

    Innovators lose too much time documenting and presenting their results. In the beginning of the innovation process we connect employees to helpful datasets and automate the creation of presentation and documentation.

  • Searchable database

    At the moment there is no single point of truth that contains all design thinking efforts of the organization. We unite all design thinking results such as Customer Insights, Personas, and Requirements in one digital solution.

  • Internal Acceptance

    Innovators who work with design thinking often come up with surprising results. Internal acceptance for the innovations increases heavily through presenting them in the context of basic customer needs.

Working with BlitzMinds

  • 1

    Use Case Quantification

    BlitzMinds assesses the added value of your specific use case. As experts of the innovation landscape we guide you through our engaging workshop and model the current status in 3D. Thereby interdependencies, potentials and best practices will be revealed. In the end you receive a handout including strengths and the quantified potential of upscaling your innovative power.

  • 2

    Design Thinking Platform

    BlitzMinds’ first product is a design thinking database that can be highly individualized. It helps internal innovators and product managers to collect, analyze and use the information about their users. The collected information will be visualized digitally and enables colleagues, whether experienced or not, to develop innovation in a step by step approach.

  • 3

    Tailored customer-driven innovation platform

    BlitzMinds offers modulation to your specific needs. Adapt our project-based platform to collect, structure and export results easily. Typical use cases we support are innovation labs, design thinking units, corporate accelerators, user experience experts and other innovation departments. Please reach out for more information.

Additional Services

  • Support/Service Level Agreements (SLA)

    We offer professional SLA’s perfectly fitting our customers needs with a single point of touch for technical and applicational questions.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    We support all common technologies for quick and easy access to our platform such as SSO via Windows Active Directory. Our users are logged in automatically.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    We believe SaaS solutions are the state of the art in the future and provide the highest level of user experience. Therefore we recommend a SaaS partnership with a competitive offer.

  • Software on Premise

    We know the innovation related data may sometimes be subject to classification and compliance, therefore we deliver our software on your company’s servers as well.

  • Workshops

    We believe in a user-centric design, therefore you will only need one kick-off workshop of 60 minutes in order to make everybody comfortable using the solution.

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