Our Team

Our Team


BlitzMinds changes the way how companies innovate. We believe innovation is the only sustainable resource on earth. Design Thinking enables everyone to create innovations that matter, that’s why we support them with our solution. Whilst companies create specialist departments and teach dozens of employees Design Thinking we observed problems related to complexity, knowledge exchange and documentation that a software could solve. Therefore we designed InsideUX®. Our solution guides users, connects them to helpful colleagues or existing data and saves time for everyone by automating documentation and presentation. Thereby our users have more time to focus on creating new products and our customers achieve efficiency gains of up to 18 mio € per year.

BlitzMinds mission is to enable every company to design innovations based on customer pain points and create a database of customer centric innovation. We look forward to all future products created with the support of InsideUX®, that will change the life of everybody.


BlitzMinds was founded in 2016. Since the very beginning we focus on iterative user-centric development which is not only the core of our solution but also the way we work together. We believe early failure is the key to long-term success. That’s why we test things quickly, whether they are internal processes or product features. We encourage everyone to look for best practices, hacks, lean prototypes and a fast process of learning.

In order to achieve maximum success for each individual and for BlitzMinds, we take our team atmosphere seriously. Having team building events and celebrating our achievements together are only a few examples on how we make sure that we as a team will work together well.


Cornelius Filbry

My name is Cornelius, Founder of BlitzMinds and in charge of business development. What I am specifically passionate about BlitzMinds is the opportunity to contribute my skills to building a successful company which solves one of the major challenges in Germany and many other countries. Innovation that matters and knowledge exchange will affect how billions of people will live in the future.

Andreas Born

My name is Andreas Born, co-founder of BlitzMinds and in charge of software development. I love about BlitzMinds, that our solution is solving real people’s problems and seeing features come to the customer quickly after developing. That motivates me to push our solution to the next level.

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